1k49 Alice In Wonderland Hunt

Alice In Wonderland Hunt

Many Male and Female itens hidden along the stores for the prize of L$1

From  August 10th to September 10th

Uni Boutique 

Hint F –  Unicorn Farts!!!


Sins Original

Hint F – Oooo Lucky Chairs!

sin original_001

Holli Pocket
Hint F – My heart is left broken on something sturdy and secure.
holli pocket

1. Little 2 Large

Hint F/M – Well, it’s not white.. but is IS a rabbit. Or was.

little 2 large

2. ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats)
Hint F – SKIP
Slur: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zamargad/86/37/634


3. Lads and Lassies
Hint F/M – Patty Cake Patty Cake

lads and lassies_001

4. Timeless Textures
Hint F/M – Quick! I need to HUNT down a GIFT for 50L OR LESS!

timeless textures

5. Clutter for Builders
Hint F/M – All signs point to EVENTS


6. Palette

Hint F/M – Paint your own wonderland


7. OMG! Inc.
Hint F – In the circle is where I hide

8. Delightful Creations
Hint F – Santa Claus has a gift for you


9. StoraxTree
Hint F/M – Look near hunt poster



Hint F – Under the roof 


11. Grumble
Hint F – I could be the Queen of Hearts!


12. Vicarious

Hint F – Look high and low


Hint F – Over the moon


14. The Sissy Bar
Hint F – “We are all mad here! And some are Gacha Crazy!!”

The Sissy Bar

15. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint F – Choose a jewelry set!

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop_001

16. Sassy Brats
Hint F – I think I am missing some Hearts

sassy brats_001

17. waffles
Hint F – That’s a lot of Books!   ((use teleport))

Hint M – Don’t let your heart get over heated. ((use teleport))



18. The Mesh (s)hit
Hint F/M – Maybe it can cure my madness?

The Mesh (s)hit_001

Hint F/M – X-Clusives Animations is a pretty BIG NAME.  Look for the DISAPPEARING Purple Cheshire Cat.  He can show you the SIGN each time he appears.

Slur: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/XCLUSIVES%20ANIMATIONS/128/126/411

Still Looking for it!!

20. {.Gross Princess.}
Hint F – Isn’t Luna lovely?! 
gross princess_001

21. MadCatCreations
Hint F – on a budget
gross princess_001

22. Feli’s Framed U!
Hint F/M – “Take a walk in the Garden”

Feli's Framed U!

23. :DH: Shop
Hint F/M – Do you want to have tea, Alice?

DH Shop

24. Epicine
Hint F – Luxa needs a hat!


25: Barbed Wire KIsses
Hint F – “Where is Baal?” said the Cheshire Cat.


26: Game Over
Store is closed

27: BlondeQueen

Hint F – look on the mainstore tables 🙂


28. Nefeli’s Gestures

Hint F/M = It’s Party Time!

Nefeli's Gestures_001

29. Elysian

Hint F – Hint Birds of a XXXX stick together

Slur: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nolan/173/202/29

Store closed

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