Road Trip 2018 Adventure Hunt

Hunt Dates: August 19 – October 19

Gifts: 23
Price of Gifts: L$5
Hunt Object: Post-It Notes
Hunt Theme: Summer Road Trip

Note 1 – Item Location

note 01_

Note 2 – Item Location

note 2

Note 3 – Item Location

note 03

Note 4 – Item Location

Post-It Note_04

Note 5 – Item Location

Post-It Note_05

Note 6 – Item Location  (inside the wall)

post it 06

Note 7 – Item Location

Post-It Note_07

Note 8 – Item Location

note 08

Note 9 – Item Location

Post-It Note_09

Note 10 – Item Location

Post-It Note_10

Note 11 – Item Location

note 11_001

Note 12 – Item Location

Post-It Note_12

Note 13 – Item Location

Post-It Note_13

Note 14 – Item Location


Note 15 – Item Location

Post-It Note_15

Note 16 – Item Location

Post-It Note_16

Note 17 – Item Location

Post-It Note_17

Note 18 – Item Location

Post-It Note_18

Note 19 – Item Location

Post-It Note_19

Note 20 – Item Location

note 20_

Note 21 – Item Location

Post-It Note_21

Note 22 – Item Location

Post-It Note_22

Note 23 – Item Location

Post-It Note_23


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